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36*-37  ?
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Tuesday 3:24 AM
I think this discard gives us the best chance to salvage something out of this horrible hand-looking for a 3,5 or q cut-and thankfully we hit one of them
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Tuesday 3:25 AM
So many choices today, Ras. This combination is what I settled on. The only difference between 2-6 and A-6 is that 2-6 is valued a little higher.
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Tuesday 3:36 AM
Need to be saved by the cut. Plus I do not think we would peg well with keeping A-2 here. dec
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Tuesday 3:52 AM
In Cribbage, as in Life: Don't Sweat the "Small Stuff" ... Put the "Small Stuff" in your Crib!
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Tuesday 4:13 AM
Best of a bad situation. Try to play the crib.
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Tuesday 4:17 AM
Carl Walters
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Tuesday 4:49 AM
I went with A-2 discard which seems to be the most popular so far (I must be learning something!) The Q cut is very nice too have, especially as she's red. It's early in the game so I'm not too worried at this point.
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Tuesday 5:15 AM
42/46 chance the cut won't be a Queen, so I'm not concerned with keeping the Jacks together with the King.

42 cards = 7*6 cards =
42 cards = 7*13% =
42 cards = 91% of the deck.

Oh well, that's probabilities for you. Unlikely things will still occur every now and then.
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Tuesday 5:20 AM
I often have to put 2 six in my the crib to keep a good hand. Also keep the ace may help in pegging
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Tuesday 6:44 AM
Liam's robot says 2-6 would be the superior toss. Another ras puzzle where the rules of thumb most of us use would lead one somewhat astray. I figured A-2 had a better shot of hitting a 3 or a 4 in the crib when in fact the multiplying power of the A or 2 in hand hitting a 4 or 3 cut with 3 X cards would outweigh the extra crib value.

Still it's only 0.1. Lucky cut, this position is pretty defensive but early in the game with only 8 known points I'd definitely pair a jack.
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Tuesday 7:57 AM
My thought was to hold a split and play defense here. I usually don’t consider position until about hole 40-45, this is right around that zone. I think no matter the hold and cut, defense would seem to be the order here.

I won’t be anywhere near 60 by the end of this hand & crib, so it’s best to stay away from the opponent here and hope he/she catches a bad hand as well; I’ll try to get rid of my ace as quickly as possible here.
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Tuesday 9:03 AM
Yucky starting hand! After this lucky cut, now I'm dreaming of having dealt the pone 2-3-7-7-8-8!
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Tuesday 9:16 AM
Throw and pray. Keep as many lucky cuts alive as possible. Throw the touchies in the crib. Hope for a high low throw from pone. Cut a Queen. Easy Peasy.
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Tuesday 9:31 AM
36*-37 Bad hand makes for a good puzzle, Ras. We all have to learn to make the best of a sorry 6 cards.
I could be wrong, but in situations like this(even score, not near end of game where pegging can be paramount) I tend to keep the A with the X values in hopes of a 31-2. 6-2 in crib can usually score 4-7 points. Run possibility maintained with keeping the J-J-K. A 5-cut would be helpful to both hand and crib.
Interested to see what the others do here.
I discarded the 6-2.
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Tuesday 12:56 PM
Well, this is why I visit this site.
King Richard
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Tuesday 1:40 PM
Keep points, toss potential. Today’s mantra by the King for this nasty little hand.
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Tuesday 2:58 PM
With rubbish hands as Dealer I normally put close cards in the crib. But here the only close cards are A-2 which is closed at one end and the gapper J-K splits the pair. So I'll go with the A-2.
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Tuesday 3:14 PM
At 36*-37 playing an Offense strategy for the pegging the dynamic expected averages and Win/Loss %s are:

Offense___Hand_Pegs_Crib_Total____W6 %____W7 %

Offense_______L6 %____L7 %

6-J-J-K is best for expected averages by 0.15pt and although A-J-J-K is slightly best for Win %s and second best for Loss %s as it's early in the game I'll put most weight on the expected averages and select A-2 to discard.

After the QH cut I'll play Offense to the lead.
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Tuesday 4:49 PM
Had queried this hand and similar on Halscrib, REX, and Cribbage Prof over the years and knew the choices were exceedingly close. Note the A-2-6-K pegs nearly a point more choosing offense and the crib scores nearly one point more. There are multiple reasons (pegging and crib score already mentioned) why playing zero or playing two points are so close in this case. Stand alone pairs (no 15's and no adjacent card) often score well in crib. Since holding J-J, opponent is likely to find Q-K, 10-Q, or 9-10 of little use. In addition the starter card is more likely to benefit the J-J with a card either side of the Jacks. There are only two Jacks remaining in the deck and eight 10 spots or Queens. Take a long look when holding stand-alone pairs (3, 5, 7, J connectors particularly) as the crib might be the best spot for them for the reasons indicated. Play on the lead and take any pegs offered.