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*** This hand was suggested by Ras2829
90-86*  ?
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Thursday 3:07 AM
48 gives us fewer points but I don't think we need the extra. 31 out we are looking to win two deals from now so need to be close then to peg out.

Dealer is unlikely to score 35 points in two deals, even if we help him, but if he scores say 32 in two deals then he can peg out.

Keep him to 26 and he's the one playing defence on our next pone hand.
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Thursday 3:13 AM
All cuts are helpful.

If the count gets high enough, I've a chance to maybe score a run with my 3-4, alternatively, perhaps I get my Aces in back-to-back.

8-3 with both a 4 and second 3 out of circulation is ever so slightly weaker than usual.
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Thursday 3:22 AM
We have to play our position first here-try to get as close as possible to 100 for our deal-the dealer is 35 out so not too worried about the pair of aces discard-also we are holding 3 cards which would potentially help those aces
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Thursday 4:04 AM
A 2 3 7 8 9 X lots of cuts to gain on and can even think about playing on if forced to do so. dec
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Thursday 4:37 AM
Play our position first by getting to 96 at least, we have a much better chance of winning this game.
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Thursday 4:39 AM
With dealer at 86 and me holding two threes I’m not that concerned about AA. My concern is getting down the board.
Andy (muesli64)
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Thursday 4:58 AM
I like to go for the double run.
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Thursday 5:37 AM
I'll sacrifice the AA for a shot at 14
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Thursday 5:39 AM
Defense to her Crib , if a 4,5,6 is cut will hope to Peg to 96
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Thursday 6:22 AM
The discard tables suggested I didn’t throw A A so I went for 4 8 and was left with this unpretty hand.
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Thursday 6:28 AM
Defence all the way at this position. Slow the game down and take only safe pegs. Lead the 3 and triple if I can.
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Thursday 6:32 AM
In many board positions, I would Toss (4 8) without any hesitation.

But as Pone at Hole 90, we really do need that Six Points, and the (A A 3 3) hand risks any of about from a Dozen to perhaps Fifteen Cuts that could leave us 'short' of position today.

That makes the otherwise risky Toss (A A) bearable today, so away they go!

After the Ten Card Cut, we have mixed feelings: no help for us, but perhaps none for the Crib as well.

Let's lead a Trey from our PAIR, and play with cautious optimism, because we do know one thing is certain: We'll be Next Dealer at or beyond Hole 96, having achieved a significant goal!
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Thursday 6:45 AM
I like being aggressive here and play our position first, so will keep the sure 6 in hand with potential for 12/14. This hand might peg well too. Often like to lead the 8 with these types of hands. If dealer is holding 5-X-X-X or something similar, we should get a nice run for 3 and a go by trapping the 5. Savvy player may dump the 5 on the 8 lead, but may be worth a try.
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Thursday 6:49 AM
Dealer is 10 points short so we can afford the aces to their crib. Hole 95 or 96 is a minimum goal, but if we can get farther down the board even better yet. 3348 has great potential,feel very strongly about this play.
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Thursday 8:17 AM
Baulk opponent's crib. Play defence. See if we can win it 2 deals from now.
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Thursday 9:11 AM
I had the same thoughts as Rob, Gary, Mike, and Dan on this hand--to play my position first and to get to 95+ to deal--but I felt like A-A-3-3 was good enough to accomplish this. It might not peg as good as 3-3-4-8 (see Mike's excellent description above), but even if I don't get help on the cut I have the possibility of playing my Aces for three points.
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Thursday 11:12 AM
Gambled on an X cut. And 4,8 in the crib should be hopefully innocuous.
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Thursday 2:35 PM
I usually like 3-3-4-8 as a hand. I figured the negative delta would help with the 4-8 toss, and wasn't thrilled with the pair of aces. Lots of faces to be cut to get me an 8 hand, and a 2 cut would be sweet. I also might be able to parlay the aces to get 31, or maybe even the 3's
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Thursday 3:32 PM
for me this was a tossup until i realized that 8334 gives 16 possible cuts to make 12 or 14, while 33AA is mainly 8 at best with only 4 cuts to get 16, so the odds here say 8334, the AA throw is worth to gamble to keep the position...lead the 4..........