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83-94*  ?
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Wednesday 3:16 AM
Better to keep the flush and sacrifice the 1 point today-dealer is 27 out so it’s imperative we limit his crib as much as possible-K8 is a safer toss than K2-normally I like leading the 2 from this hand for offensive pegging,but we don’t want to trade pegging points here even if draw first blood -if deaker matches our 2 lead it could get very ugly as well-lead the 8 and peg very cautiously-if dealer responds with a picture dump the 2-we don’t want to be stuck with that if the count reaches 25 and dealer could have the A23 combo-don’t mind giving up a couple goes here knowing the crib should be relatively safe
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Wednesday 3:37 AM
Plan is to Balk the Crib as strongly as I can and Play Defense so I might get to count 4 Hands
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Wednesday 3:42 AM
Congrats to Hillchem and Jmath, both of this parish, for their excellent rankings in this season's Cribbage Pro online tournament. Two very strong players, as the leaderboard does attest.

From these cards, I'd sacrifice a point to make the safer discard. Am I being too cautious, or am I prudent?
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Wednesday 4:01 AM
Usually, I give a FLUSH about an extra point worth of consideration.

But today, we're losing significantly, and while Toss (2 K) might even help our Opponent a bit more than Toss (8 K), we need help as well!

The Double RUN will not only tend to average more than the FLUSH, it can grow to Twenty-Four Points, while the FLUSH can only grow to Twenty Points.

We need all the help we can get here, and even if we might not peg as well, I'll select the Double RUN today and lead an 8 Card.
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Wednesday 4:05 AM
Easier to get more aggressive next hand. The plan is keep them short on their next par. Of course 96-97 would look better for us. Keep the pegging reasonable here and at worst trade three for two. Eight lead stay the plan. dec