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Friday 3:15 AM
Defense and offense. Eleven count. nine thru Jacks to fill the crib. dec
Andy (muesli64)
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Friday 3:25 AM
Not much in it at all between 7-10 and 10 - 10. Stats say 7 - 10 marginally better. I'll go with that.
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Friday 4:31 AM
We can try Toss (7 T), Toss (T T), or even try Toss (4 7). I see very little difference among these three choices.

Toss (7 T) or Toss (4 7) at least gets a 7 Card into our Crib, which I think I prefer to discarding a PAIR. A PAIR is only helped by either cards we were already dealt, or a 5 Card, both of which are very unlikely to come from 'over the board.'

Thus, I'll Toss (7 T) today, and hope we don't have a 'blank' for a Crib!
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Friday 4:45 AM
First impressions: Go with 4 plus 2 points; pairs in the crib. This hand has more cuts for improvement. Another puzzle from Ras today.
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Friday 4:48 AM
6+? should be more valuable than 4+2 in the final reckoning, so I'll ignore A-4-4-7 (10-10).

A-4-4-10 has two fives, so will do better after an X cut than A-4-10-10 will, (or equal if the X is a 10). Roughly two-thirds of the time the cut will be something other than an X however, (32/46 to be exact), and I don't like a discard to my own box that totals 16+ unless the cards are touching or a pair.

4-7 rather than 10-7 for me then, despite the negative delta of having a second 4 out of circulation.

10-A eleven to be deployed on an X lead.
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Friday 5:42 AM
I like the defensive 7-4 magic 11 at this RP (+8/-8) holding pretty good cards.
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Friday 6:13 AM
Horus93 has it right in my opinion.
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Friday 6:35 AM
All 3 legitimate choices starts us with combined 6 points, but like this hold for pegging - magic 11 and the pair of 4s May grab us some nice pegs.
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Friday 7:48 AM
(10 10) for me.The other two choices(7 10) and (4 10) are close, though. The A-4-4-7 keep should peg best, I think.
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Friday 8:39 AM
10 10 to my crib to keep a nice hand for pegging.