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55-56*  ?
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Tuesday 3:20 AM
Too many cuts give you a 14 or 16 point hand here -so you have to bite the bullet and discard the 7-8-if you break it up the most you can keep is 3,and you have to try to get down the board as much as possible from this spot-if you break up the hand to keep 8-10-j-q,and you succeed in killing your opponentís crib,itís most likely that youíre still trailing maybe 68-60-not exactly the spot you want to be in-take the risk and try to get to 70 with a good cut
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Tuesday 3:38 AM
Agree. Do the dicard quickly and be rid of it. If that five of hearts had come up you be kicking yourself in the hiney. King lead, I am pretty good and lucky with pegging with faces. dec
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Tuesday 3:52 AM
Even without coffee, 7-8 it is. Play our position first. Twenty cuts increases the hand 9, 14, 16 or 18 points.
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Tuesday 4:19 AM
On third street. Halfway through the game. Must get as close to 69 as possible. Object of the game is to win the game. Keeping 8-10-J-Q greatly reduces our chances of wining the game. Don't like it. Walking on a tight rope here. But discard 8-7 and hope for the best. Lookie here. A cut for 14. Temporary success. Just hope the 7-8 doesn't hurt me too bad.
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Tuesday 5:02 AM
The second most valuable hand is worth a lot less than eight points, so I'll have to risk it.

10 lead.
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Tuesday 5:16 AM
Whew. Glad I have a lot of company.
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Tuesday 5:22 AM
Sometimes you just have to risk it. It is better to give than receive after all. We gave the 7,8 gift, and look, up pops a 10 spinner.
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Tuesday 5:26 AM
No reward for the timid....
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Tuesday 5:28 AM
As stated above, we need to try to get as close to 70-73 as possible. Got to keep the straight flush here worth 8 points before the cut and 14 after the nice cut. Would lead the 10 knowing there are only two left after the cut.
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Tuesday 6:11 AM
Pretty cut and dried here considering the position. I think it would be more of a question if you were say, 62 and opponent was 66. Then itís a riskier proposition.
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Tuesday 6:27 AM
Too many experts today. I figured if I have 8 in the hand, then the 2 other cards gots to go. Curl your nose and toss the suited 7-8. Lead the 10 only because one was cut.
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Tuesday 7:54 AM
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Tuesday 8:02 AM
RP is -5/+12 and this is a sweet flush. Offense to the cut, let's try to get past the next par of 70.
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Tuesday 10:13 AM
Playing position makes decision making a cinch here an elsewhere. With dealer at my shoulder, need 14 points to deal in 3rd Street CPZ (69-73). With the cut of any of these cards am holding, have my 14. Not much pegging potential here although dealer will sometimes play a King on a 10 spot lead if not holding a five to 15. As horus93 points out dealer will often hold a King with a variety of cards (6-7-8-J-Q-K, A-4-4-10-J-K, 2-3-3-J-Q-K, 2-3-4-10-J-K, and thousands of more such combinations. A simple pegging tip results in many pegs in your corner. When leading a King, do so from a pair. Many non-dealers transpose the thinking that applies to their hand to that of the dealer. They think since as n/d they seldom hold a King, that must also be the case for the dealer. Thus lead a single key when they have better choices in hand and give up a pair very often. Change you thinking to accommodate that two very different games are going on with discards, hand retention, and pegs. And they don't look much alike!
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Tuesday 10:15 AM
BTW if you encounter the work "key" above, that should read "King".
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Tuesday 2:03 PM
Hold your breath. Lots of 24's made with 7/8.
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Tuesday 4:35 PM
Duly noted... Learning has occurred.