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23*-26  ?
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Wednesday 3:13 AM
J-7 vs keeping a defensive eleven and good cards to my crib. I will try to bulk up my crib. I will try defense on the pegging. dec
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Wednesday 3:32 AM
I chose expected averages. There is about a point difference between 7-J and J-Q to our crib. This hand starts with 5 points ( a potential for 12 points) vs. 3 points and a potential for 10 points.
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Wednesday 4:59 AM
I suspect RAS wanted me to consider tossing the J-Q and keeping 3 points instead of 5, but I hate breaking up runs. Besides, both 7 and J are key connecting cards for my crib. I suspect the 2-3-4-7 will peg slightly better, but not sure if enough to start with 3 vs 5 points.
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Wednesday 5:03 AM
Keep the run and magic 11. Seed the crib with a possible run.
I also considered pitching 7-J to keep more points in the hand.
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Wednesday 5:11 AM
Another Meh hand. I'll keep my sure 5. Keep the 3-4 intact for a 5 trap.

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Wednesday 5:58 AM
No synergy between a Jack and a 7, but I don't want to reduce my hand score for either of J-Q or 4-7.

On another note altogether, it's been many moons since we heard from JQT on here. I remember that someone asked about him recently, but I don't know if there was any response to the query?
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Wednesday 8:20 AM
Wow! What a great puzzle. 2-3-4-7 improves on every cut, but sacrifices two starting points. 2-3-4-Q improves on every cut but a 7. And that adds direct value to the crib. the (7-J) are suited. Does that make a difference? Slightly. 2-3-4-Q has a “Sweet Sixteen”. 2-3-4-7 has a “Magic Eleven”. Solely because I know Ras has extolled the virtues of (J-Q,) and to a lesser extent (10-J), I’m keeping the smaller cards.

The K gives me only 9 known points. I’ll play offense to the lead. My target is 34 or better I’m only guaranteed to be at 32 if my math is correct.
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Wednesday 9:05 AM
Read Inushtuk1 (Mike) above me. Well said.
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Wednesday 9:35 AM
With Kings being one of the discards used more often, I will keep the J-Q together in my crib. The 2-3-4-7 should be a much better pegging option. This is not a great scoring hand so I will tray a defensive strategy with the "eleven".

If this hand had been reversed I would have no qualms about tossing Q-7 into the opponents crib.
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Wednesday 9:42 AM
Will keep points intact in hand in this (small hand rule) situation. Tossed suited 7-J, both key connecting cards, to the crib. After seeing cut card will take pegs when I can without being overly aggressive at this board position.
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Wednesday 10:25 AM
Several players today mention that holding 2-3-4-7 is a sacrifice of two points, but any run of 2-3-4, regardless of the fourth card in your hand, is guaranteed to have at least five points, so you are not sacrificing anything by keeping the 7. The only sacrifice comes if a 2 or 3 is the cut card, which would yield 12 points when holding 2-3-4-X but only 10 points with 2-3-4-7. In my thinking, 2-3-4-7 is a superior hold for two reasons: (a) you are tossing the connectors J-Q in your own crib and (b) you are holding a magic 11.