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72*-87  ?
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Wednesday 3:00 AM
Dealing just beyond Hole 70 is a desirable position, even with our opponent leading by half a street!

We probably won't be able to get back 'on track' toward an equal position all during one deal, but we still have nearly two streets ahead of us in order to perform that task, so let's begin to "chip away" at our Opponent's lead.

As discussed a few days back, it is generally easier to s-l-o-w down our opponent as opposed to speeding ourselves up, but while we are the Dealer, it is usually the time to play OFFENSE, and so maybe later while we are Pone, we can resume our focus on DEFENSE.

As the Dealer here, we could Toss (5 T) and retain the FLUSH, which looks like a balanced approach; or we could Toss (8 9) and retain the Delightful Dozen; or, we might simply Toss (5 5), and use the One-Two-Punch of a Double RUN as well as Toss (5 5), which has a prospective Crib Value of approximately Nine Points!

I prefer this last idea, so Toss (5 5) it is, and away we go!
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Wednesday 3:08 AM
Hold the double run and toss the fives!
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Wednesday 4:01 AM
In a perfect world cut another ten and opponent discards two face cards and then play on. Might get close enough to go out next hand. Well maybe half of that happens now. We might have to play defense here. dec
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Wednesday 4:02 AM
Great hand as dealer here-it’s too bad pone is in such a good position-we have to try to keep him down as much as possible-it’s likely we will be in decent position just onto 4th street ourselves-the double run creates a tad more pegging flexibility than the double ten double 5-if pone leads a 7 play off with the 10-we can’t afford to give up any 3 card runs if possible
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Wednesday 4:34 AM
That what I chose also for the same reason.
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Wednesday 4:47 AM
"Only" eleven known points, but plenty of helpful cuts for both hand and crib.

Speculation admittedly, but with two fives out of circulation, Pone may have little use for any X cards dealt. They're quite welcome in my crib of 10-5-?-?-?.
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Wednesday 5:49 AM
I'll try the flush and toss myself suited 5-10. Problem will be that the opponent will probably get to hole 95 regardless of how clever I am defensively. Play defense if possible.
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Wednesday 6:07 AM
Well it doesn't appear that our opponent will have K10 to throw, but hopefully still 2 face cards.
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Wednesday 6:48 AM
I threw the 89 which has an expected average of 18.1 compared to the 55 which has an expected average of 18.8. 5,10 of diamonds to keep the flush also averaged 18.1. All the others tosses are massively worse.
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Wednesday 6:49 AM
Was tempted to throw the two fives. But convinced myself that a 10-5 in the crib, while worth 2 points less than 5-5 in the crib, leaves us with a hand worth 1 point more. And that the slightly better pegging prospects as well, make throwing 10-5 a good toss.
I'm starting to second-guess myself - maybe the 5-5 toss is the better throw?
Let's see what Halscrib/Coeurdelion say later on.
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Wednesday 7:01 AM
This hand is not the best pegging hand, but it is possible. We may not need that much. Toss 5-5 and hope for at least one X card.
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Wednesday 7:26 AM
Like the double 5s to our crib here. Still potential for a big hand and we have the best toss to own crib for possible big crib as well.
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Wednesday 8:24 AM
I think this will be better on defense, I also seem to have bad luck tossing myself 5-5.