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22*-20  ?
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Saturday 3:08 AM
Keep the 4 points and throw the potential of the 3-5 in the crib-horrible cut no matter which way we kept it
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Saturday 3:20 AM
Have learned from this site that 3-5 is better than X-A or 4-A from this sort of hand.
Will the fact one of the X's is a Jack make a difference?
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Saturday 3:32 AM
The four could be the K.. cut here. Fourteen faces still unaccounted for. Balanced strat here. dec
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Saturday 3:38 AM
We enjoy a minuscule Two-Point Lead as the Dealer, and we could probably choose among several discards to our Own Crib today, including Toss (J K), Toss (A J), Toss (A K), Toss (3 5), Toss (5 K), and Toss (5 J).

I tend to like these in increasing order or preference, but it's more a matter of "style" of play, rather than one discard being vastly superior to another here.

As I stated recently, when I have a 5 Card with a RUN as Dealer, I often look for a profitable way to 'bust up' such a RUN! And today is a perfect example!

We get so much more power in Our Crib with Toss (5 J), and even with Toss (5 K), so I'll choose the former and Toss (5 J) today.

Toss (3 5) is also very interesting, but I prefer to place more 'oomph' in the Crib, and retain the perhaps slightly better pegging hand.
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Saturday 3:45 AM
Just made sense to me to do it this way.
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Saturday 5:05 AM
Tossing 5J is a strong option as the K in our hand reduces pone's pegs, and the J might meet up with cards in our crib, and it leaves us with the very strongly pegging hand of a34k

However the very conventional and obvious a4jk with the ten cards supporting the A4 pair seems to win today. 5 is inherently good in our crib and 3 not bad as a companion.

So a4jk it is, with a35k second.
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Saturday 5:24 AM
The song is out of key! That 9 doesnt help anything. Peg aggressive if possible
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Saturday 5:56 AM
For me the choices were A-4 and 3-5. I referenced JQT from a previous post which he repeated today...”“As I stated recently, when I have a 5 Card with a RUN as Dealer, I often look for a profitable way to 'bust up' such a RUN! And today is a perfect example! “ I tossed 3-5 verse his 5-J. Today
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Saturday 6:37 AM
Standard toss, only way to hold a combined 6 points; A34X somewhat better pegging cards but not at the expense of 2 points.
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Saturday 7:53 AM
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Saturday 9:22 AM
I just like this hand lol. No analysis.
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Saturday 12:41 PM
Learned something today. Now to remember it!
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Saturday 2:09 PM
As a rookie I used to toss A-K, then I learned it was better to get the Jack into the crib and switched to A-J. Then I got educated and started tossing 3-5. But I always seemed to cut a card that would for me had I held the run together (3,6,8). Lately, I've come to appreciate the two-card '5' - I've always known the value of the 2-3, but I think the A-4 is under-rated. Nonetheless, I'm typically disappointed by this hand, so appreciate the various views and suspect that Halscrib will have the choices closely bunched.