February 1, 2017

*** This hand was suggested by Andy (muesli64)
117*-113  ?
Total votes: 251

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Joined: April 2008

Wednesday 3:14 AM
I will see if this three card eleven works. I would probably still fifteen a lot of leads here . dec
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Joined: January 2017

Wednesday 3:20 AM
This guarantees me 2 in the hand and 2 in the box so enough to get out, and also gives me lots of different choices during the pegging.
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Joined: March 2016

Wednesday 3:54 AM
This hand starts with 2 points and every cut improves hand to at least 2 points or more. We need to peg out and hope opponent doesn't have a really good hand.
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Joined: September 2014

Wednesday 4:35 AM
Wow, 7 different answers after only 14 total votes! (OK, 5 choices without suit considerations, but still!) I see the nickels as a liability and I have the desire for an out card, or the closest thing I can find. Will try to peg out, but will also try to avoid giving up pegs, especially if 8 points doesn't appear likely for pone. It will be tougher to read their point total with the 10 cut since it can score with low, middle, or high cards so will proceed with caution.
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Joined: March 2009

Wednesday 5:20 AM
A variety of cards if I decide to peg including a magic 11. As the opponent is 8 out they may have to hold a double-run of face cards. Will try to read their hand in conjunction with the cut card.
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Wednesday 5:49 AM
I'm keeping "one of the each". I'll pair or play into run because my best shot is to peg out.
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Joined: February 2009

Wednesday 5:56 AM
Wow. I changed my mind on this about 20 times. Decided to keep the 5's with the 6, giving me the powerful 5-6 magic 11. Ace lead, I'll play a 5, 2 lead, I'll play the 6, 3 lead, I'll pair it, 4 lead, I'll play my 6, 5 lead, I'll pair it, 6 lead, either 3 or pair it - prob go aggressive and pair, 7 lead, I'll play the 3, 8 lead, I'll play the 3, 9 lead, I'll play the 6, 10-card lead, I'll play a 5. I've decided to be aggressive on the pegging and go for the win before pone has a chance to count.
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Wednesday 6:24 AM
I've also kept "one of each", to cover as many leads as possible.
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Wednesday 6:34 AM
I like an assortment.
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Wednesday 6:40 AM
I'm with mfetchCT425 today. We need to peg Four Holes (just slightly above AVERAGE) as the Dealer in order to win.

We can probably get the most pegging energy from our PAIR today, and as much as many players always seem to gravitate toward the "low" ranking cards, I believe it's more important that we push the Count up toward Thirty-One so that we can attempt to peg that (31-2).

This typically requires that our cards 'add up' to about fifteen or sixteen or more, so that almost forces me to Toss (A 3) here today.
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Joined: August 2016

Wednesday 7:16 AM
Need to peg out -- most likely won't get chance to count melds. A not as useless as often thought, it seems. Kept 3-pair, as better chance use as pair at "go" time. Will peg 1 as dealer, so have to manufacture 3 more.
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Joined: May 2013

Wednesday 8:33 AM
Since opponent is 8 out, I'm trying to peg out here. I hold 4 different cards either to get pairs or get into a run. They are far enough back that taking a run of 3 won't kill us, and we get the guaranteed go at the end.
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Joined: July 2016

Wednesday 9:58 AM
I'm with mfetchCT425, and JQT today. Response to the leads similar to fetch's. Differences are a 5 on the 2 lead. Want to have as many different ranks in my hand after my first response, and at the same time if paired I'm out. On a 4 lead play my 5. Again if Dealer pairs it I'm out. If Dealer takes the 15-5 I'm out. Also the 5's could be liabilities. On a 7 lead again dump a 5. On an 8 lead especially dump the 5. If nothing else Pone will squirm if holding four mid cards.
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Joined: November 2016

Wednesday 11:20 AM
Put the 5s in the crib. All I want is pegging cards. Got to peg 4 points. I am guaranteed 1 point.
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Joined: June 2016

Wednesday 12:24 PM
I kept the assortment, but limited it to 2 suits. This allows me to show a pseudo-flush if the opportunity presents itself .With the cut I have 4 points up two points down. Try to peg the extra 3 point is my best option.
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Wednesday 12:27 PM
I was tempted by the one of each A-3-5-6 but I think the lone Ace could be dangerous and therefore I would be forced to play it early. I think I'll go with 3-5-5-6.
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Joined: November 2008

Wednesday 2:26 PM
There is about a one in five chance that we can limit non-dealer to 7 holes. Having said that, I will still choose an offensive pegging strategy. It is not likely that dealer can score 4 pegs with these cards. Of these six, the 3-5-5-6 offers the best chance to do that. With non-dealer 8 holes from winning, I will pair any card though would prefer to score 15-2 with a five on a X-lead. On an Ace lead, would play a five; 2 lead would prompt a response with the 6 offering chance for me to score run of three if 15-2 taken; would pair a trey lead; if 4 spot is the lead, would play a five, if five is led would pair; if a six spot appears would pair, on a 7 or 8 would play the trey keeping 5-5-6 for a later run; on a 9 lead will 15-2, and on any X-pointer will take the 15-2. That's my plan and RAS is sticking to it. Sadly, just ran a query on Cribbage Prof and the average potential pegs for this hand is 2.02 if choosing an offense pegging strategy. There are several better choices if choosing a defense pegging strategy. By the way there are several fine players in sanctioned cribbage play who would choose defense. The choices are often not right/wrong. The best choice for offense is much different than the correct choice for defense. Many people tell me that I am quite offensive!
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Wednesday 4:00 PM
At 117*-113 playing an Optimal strategy (cautious offense) the Chances of Pegging Out are:

Optimal_____Peg Out %

Very little difference between 3-3-5-6 and A-3-5-6 with 3-5-5-6 close behind but as 3-3-5-6 is slightly best so I'll select the suited A-5 to discard.

After the 10 cut I'll play Defense to the lead.
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Joined: June 2016

Wednesday 6:31 PM
I pick my ace and six
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Joined: January 2017

Wednesday 7:31 PM
It's all about pegging today and I much as I wanted to keep the ace, the elevens were too attractive here. Glad to see Hal agrees.