September 9, 2019

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8*-6  ?
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Monday 3:11 AM
Might as well load up the crib. Asking for a three or another six would be tight. Pegging with the threes might be a detrement. dec
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Monday 3:52 AM
I tried to keep what I hoped would peg best, but in view of dec’s comment above I obviously need a lot more lessons!
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Monday 3:59 AM
We only get one helper for our Hand (the Cut), while we get three helpers (the Cut, and Pone's Discard) for our Crib.

Therefore, when we have such a weak hand as Dealer, it usually helps most to place our 'energy' into our Crib.

When I do discard Ten Cards from such a hand into my own Crib however, I generally prefer Toss (T Q) over Toss (Q K).
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Monday 4:30 AM
Great reminder from JQT about 3 cards helping our crib and only one card that helps our hand. Expected averages are best tossing the pairs to our crib. Didn't consider 6-T or Q-K.
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Monday 4:51 AM
As I like to say when seeing a hand like this - "Who dealt this mess?"

My 2nd choice would be to put the pair of 3s into the crib. But I want to keep them with the 6.
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Monday 4:52 AM
Played sub-optimally apparently
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Monday 5:15 AM
I don't expect Pone to discard a Jack or a 5, but I'll choose 10-Q regardless.

Contrived, but if the pegging gets to:
Should I simply play the 6 for 31/2, or risk playing 3C in the hope of 31/4?
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Monday 5:22 AM
The good news is our opponent only moved a total of six holes on their first deal. The bad news is we aren’t on pace to do much better. Need to get lucky, so throwing the pair of 3s to the crib. Gives us three chances to catch a magical deuce, or at least a stray nine from our opponent.
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Monday 5:31 AM
I might learn how to play this clunker.
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Monday 5:54 AM
With this bad hand will toss best cards to my crib. Congrats Rob (mrob) for making it to the finals yesterday at the Daniel Webster Open. And the 3-man team comes through nicely! lol.
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Monday 6:55 AM
With this horrible hand we just have to throw all our eggs in the crib basket with the pair of threes-see no reason to keep them in the hand as peggers since you have no magic elevens or run possibilities-hope for a 2,3,5 or jack cut to salvage anything out of this mess of a hand-thank you Mike-was just one card away from playing you in the playoffs-which would have been much fun -but honestly I’m glad your opponent won because I dusted him in 3 straight lollol
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Monday 8:09 AM
Beginning of game. BAD hand. Throw the best cards into the crib. Away go the threes.
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Monday 9:25 AM
This is a terrible hand, so let's see if the crib can grow. Oops, probably not with a 7 cut. On the other hand, maybe I'm playing Rob Medeiros and he threw 5-5 into my crib!
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Monday 10:53 AM
Another example of a hand I would have misplayed before reading this site. The threes have better odds of hitting helpful cards in the crib than the hand. With pone so far off base I'd peg with caution.
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Monday 1:26 PM
Normally with a poor hand I'd throw close cards to my crib but here the only close cards are blocked at one end. So here I think the 3-3 will be best. Therefore I'll keep 6-10-Q-K.
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Monday 1:28 PM
At 8*-6 playing a Safe strategy for the pegging the dynamic expected averages and Win/Loss %s are:

Defense___Hand__Pegs___Crib_Total___W9 %____W10 %

Defense______L9 %____L10 %

6-10-Q-K is best for expected averages by 0.26pt and is also appreciably best for Win %s. Its also second best for Loss %s so I'll select 3-3 to discard.

After the 7 cut I'll play Safe to the lead.
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Monday 1:59 PM
Position is relative. With opponent at 6 holes, will choose def., def., def., play off the lead although would score 15-2 if a five spot were led. Would also take 15-2 on a 9 lead. JQT said it all early morning today. By dumping the pair to own crib, we gain possibility of three cards to help (opponent discards and the starter card). If threes are retained in dealer they do offer potential offensive pegging opportunity not present with 6-10-Q-K though may be helped only by the starter card. Pairs without an adjacent card or a 15-2 will often have slightly added value in own crib. The mathematic probabilities are skewed by the presence of the 3-3 in dealer hand. If opponent has A-2, 2-4, or other small card combinations, their is an increased chance that n/d will discard. There is also a greater chance of cutting an adjacent card (2 or 4) rather than matching a trey. So it goes for the 3-3.. If the pair had been 7-7 with no adjacent card or 15-2's, same would be true. Don't destroy a hand to do this. This hand was destroyed on the deal; so you can not inflict much in further damage.