July 10, 2019

*** This hand was suggested by Gougie00
75-91*  ?
Total votes: 190

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2611 votes

Joined: October 2008

Wednesday 3:49 AM
Oh well, at least if Dealer did Toss (4 7), it won't be a long, drawn-out game . . .
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165 votes

Joined: February 2009

Wednesday 3:58 AM
Have to play for the picture card cut here-obviously you don’t like giving 2 points away on the discard when dealer is only 30 away but it has to be done here-obviously not the cut we were looking for
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1374 votes

Joined: March 2016

Wednesday 4:04 AM
For some reason not all the cards are showing up on the site today on my end.. Tossing 4-4 as we are far behind. Starting with 10 points a possibility of 21 points with this hand.
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1379 votes

Joined: November 2014

Wednesday 4:19 AM
I need to keep the points
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384 votes

Joined: August 2018

Wednesday 4:19 AM
Let’s go big
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314 votes

Joined: November 2016

Wednesday 5:08 AM
I am GAMBLOR! (Lord of chance).
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4052 votes

Joined: March 2008

Wednesday 5:20 AM
Time to bet the house for a cut.
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412 votes

Joined: February 2009

Wednesday 5:30 AM
Too far behind to throw away points at this position. Rather lose being aggressive here.
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1319 votes

Joined: March 2009

Wednesday 5:48 AM
More cuts for 16 or more.
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740 votes

Joined: June 2016

Wednesday 7:04 AM
I tried to blank the dealer's crib with the Q-4. The 4-5-5-J still kept the hand viable for an X cut. At least my lead of the 4 should be relatively safe.
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2285 votes

Joined: June 2013

Wednesday 7:23 AM
Gambling on the 16/46 chance of either an X or 5. Didn't work out this time.

5 Spades lead.
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4651 votes

Joined: April 2008

Wednesday 7:46 AM
Ace thru seven vs five / face cards. I pick the latter. Queen lead hope they have some crummy four hand. dec
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546 votes

Joined: December 2017

Wednesday 7:47 AM
We're running out of runway. This improves on nearly 3 in 4 cuts to at least 8 points anyway, while 5-5-J-Q is only worth 8-9 points on about 2/3 of cuts. I'd go for the big cut!

Plus if our luck continues to fail and we find ourselves fighting a skunk we want to play defensively anyway and J-Q is a lot safer than 4-4.
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262 votes

Joined: April 2019

Wednesday 9:20 AM
I'm for holding 10 points(with large upside) and discarding 4-4. Hope Dealer has poor hand.
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896 votes

Joined: May 2016

Wednesday 11:00 AM
10 points in hand. Many cuts for 16-20. Better odds than hoping for one of 4 sixes. Bad cut. How far away is that line?
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3516 votes

Joined: November 2008

Wednesday 2:50 PM
No time to play defense down 16 points with dealer on 4th Street. Many cuts will give us 16-20 points and would put us past hole 90 with the upcoming. Have to be willing to take risks when in this position. Sol it's goodbye 4-4! After that lousy cut will lead the QS and take any pegs offered.
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399 votes

Joined: January 2018

Wednesday 7:05 PM
No guts no glory.
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704 votes

Joined: January 2008

Wednesday 7:46 PM
Bad cut, but still the right thing to do.
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2896 votes

Joined: October 2007

Wednesday 8:46 PM
I understand but need a mooh shot.
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