June 8, 2019

*** This hand was suggested by HORUS93
28-31*  ?
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Saturday 3:07 AM
Safe toss to opponent, 4-7 rather than 3-8. Hand has more cuts for 12 points (88, 44, 333).
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Saturday 3:20 AM
Above are similiar reasons for me. Picked the four next to the seven. Only one poser, Lead the four defense or the eight (8-X-4-5.. go then the three. I guess one lead , defensive the other offensive. I choose the four. dec
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Saturday 3:43 AM
Like the 4-7 discard here already holding another 4 and 2 eights-so a lot of the danger to the crib is accounted for-prefer to lead the 8 here and play for the 5 trap-maybe we will get lucky and dealer will match the 8
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Saturday 5:24 AM
There are no good discards from this array and I wonder where tossing a 3-4 is smarter because a 6-7-8-9 would give me 12. On the other hand 3-4 touchies in the crib is probably 7 points for the dealer. It seems that we'll take a beating either way. Lead the 8. We might trap a 5.
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Saturday 5:41 AM
This is a basically offensive position but it's early in the game and I don't think tossing 3-4 or 7-8 is worth the risk.
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Saturday 7:54 AM
Another way to play the hand as we are throwing 38, and holding 2 4s, a 7 and an 8 for great negative delta. However, we are giving up the pegging value of 348.I am not saying this way is clearly better, just bringing it up as an alternative.
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Saturday 11:51 AM
I can see either 74 or 83, just not 34....invitation to disaster in the form of 16 or 21 crib...............
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Saturday 12:51 PM
7-4 or 8-3? Not a fan of throwing complimentary cards like 7-4. I'll throw 8-3. lead the 4. Great puzzle.
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Saturday 4:05 PM
At 28-31* playing an Offense strategy for the pegging the dynamic expected averages and Win/Loss %s are:

Offense___Hand_Pegs__Crib___Total___W6 %___W7 %

Offense______L6 %___L7 %

3-4-8-8 is best for expected averages by 0.13pt and although its not best for Win %s or lowest for Loss %s because its early in the game I'll select 4-7 to discard.

After the Q cut I'll leab an 8 and play Offense:

Lead____________Our Pegging Pts.
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Saturday 5:30 PM
Some might have guessed how I would hold this hand if playing off., off., off. Dealer has distinct edge on position here. So my goal is to reach 2nd street CPZ 43-47 for the upcoming deal. Not much chance with that lousy card. As displayed in RAS pegging You-Tube videos, lead from the upper end (in this case 8H). If dealer has 5-X-X-X, a high-percentage chance, most will advance the count to 18, n/d responds with 4 spot for count of 22, and ends up scoring 30 for 4 pegs. If dealer does not have that type of hand, take whatever pegs offered. If nothing offered fake the flush by dropping the 3. Try this when needing offense if holding 2-3-4-8, 3-4-4-8, 3-4-7-8, 2-3-4-9, 3-3-4-9, or similar. You'll often score 30-4 or 31-5. Yes, you might have guessed if reading my reply to Jazzselke that 4-4-7-8H was serious consideration as well. Notice HalscribCLX analysis above. Little more than .1 of a point separates the two choices and potential hand values are identical.