May 14, 2019

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99*-107  ?
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Tuesday 3:10 AM
I might have paused if were not suited 2,3 to crib after keeping the flush
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Tuesday 3:26 AM
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Tuesday 3:29 AM
Prefer to keep the double run and the lucky cut gives me 10 pts. I intend to lead one of the 3s.
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Tuesday 4:13 AM
I like the pegging flexibility of the 3459 suited here-pone only needs 14 so we have to be very cautious in our pegging-if we kept the 2334 we are pretty much forced to match a lead of 23 or 4-judge the reaction to the cut and the lead card in relation to that cut and peg defensively with the first card-if the second card played by the pond shows that his hand is weak,then by all means peg aggressively and try to get out before the next hand
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Tuesday 4:24 AM
With a different arrangement I have used 3-4-5-9 for pegging flexibility on fourth street. I like 2-3 better then 5-9 in the crib. Again in this case it matters more what non dealer has here to possibly go out. This is one you might have to read the player. dec
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Tuesday 4:33 AM
I am going with the Flush today. Prefer 2-3 rather than 5-9 in our crib. Not sure that I am going to be going out this hand, believe I need to slow opponent down and possibly go another hand as pone.
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Tuesday 4:51 AM
Tossed the 23. Expected averages say that’s a mistake by over a point to tossing 59.
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Tuesday 4:59 AM
I am Not so sure that falling in the love with the flush is the best move. I will toss the 5-9 in the crib and keep the peggers.
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Tuesday 5:08 AM
A three point reduction in hand value to hold the flush, but I want the 9 as an escape card. If Pone wins with first show, it doesn't matter how valuable my hand was.
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Tuesday 6:34 AM
Would normally hold one of the double-runs, but mrob has a great explanation of the pegging dangers with opponent only 14 points out. Also the importance of playing off the cut card, and reading
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Tuesday 7:04 AM
I want to get down to give me range for first count next deal. With me having all these small cards I’ll take my chances that my opponent doesn’t.
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Tuesday 7:58 AM
Holding such excellent cards at this score I like the spread of this keep better for defensive pegging. We want to keep opponent short of peg-out range next hand and hopefully count out ourselves then. He's too close for us to play anything but defense. If we had somewhat worse cards, though, I might feel I had to take risks in the pegging to stand any chance at all.
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Tuesday 9:23 AM
I zoned out and thought this was going to opponent's crib. I would have kept the flush.
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Tuesday 10:06 AM
Obvious object - NO PEGGING. This is better to stop that, IMHO.
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Tuesday 4:04 PM
Ill say it for Ras. It pays to flush. This keep easier to play DEF in the pegging. The lovely and wonderful 2-3 to my own crib. Every cut helps this hand. And did I mention 2-3 is in my own crib-smiley face.
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Tuesday 4:09 PM
Like most, want an escape card. Holding the flush provides that with the 9 spot. If non dealer gets the average hand score and pegs will be at hole 116. Nine points is 50/50. What are chances that n/d can score 14 and win on this deal? Chances are 1 in 6 times. So play it safe as dealing from 99 is a very strong position. Combined values favor holding 2-3-3-4 and discarding 5-9. Not here in my view! For the brave, hold either double run. Since holding five cards from 2-5, it is probable that n/d discarded something on the smaller end of the deck. The non-dealer hand is likely to be on up the line. Even so RAS likes an escape card. That's my take on it. That's three days in a row that I've played a flush.