May 12, 2019

*** This hand was suggested by Inushtuk1
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Sunday 3:08 AM
How about flush in the crib? I like the potential nineteen point start. Looks like a game second guessing and you still win. dec
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Sunday 3:22 AM
A very nice puzzle from inushtuk1.
Which one: a flush or 5-J in our crib? Chose the more defensive hand and the suited 3-5 to our crib. This hand has 15 cuts that increase the value to 12, 16 or 17 points.
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Sunday 4:20 AM
Like some other puzzles recently, it will be interesting to see the numbers, but the choices seem to include a element of personal preference. The bird in the hand is 10 points with low crib potential. Sacrifice 1 point and you have a 19 pt potential and a 5 in your crib. Sacrifice 2 points and you have a flush and 15 in your crib. My choice won't win on numbers, but I like the flush today.
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Sunday 4:23 AM
I'll try the flush, although a strong case could be made for either of 5s-3 or J-3 also. A good puzzle.

Hope things are going well for you Mike.
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Sunday 4:53 AM
I like the suited 3-5 to my crib. With the 9 cut, I can only account for 9+1+2 points, so I will use cautious offense.
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Sunday 5:11 AM
Shot from the gut today, checking myself on Liam the two obvious tosses are virtually identical for average crib+hand values but this has starts with 1 point more and I nothing jumps out in the pegging value of either one. I guess the flush might be a bit better for defense because you have a low card to prevent mischief towards the end of the first play series, then again pone could trap it into a 31-5 if he has a deuce and an ace so I bet it's closer to a wash. This potential 31-5 could be avoided by playing the three to a X lead, I guess, but it's too early to be that defensive. IDK probably overthinking it, there's a lot that can happen with 8 cards interacting between two people and that's definitely my weakest point in analyzing these puzzles.

Defense to the cut but knowing where one of the other 5's is I'd certainly nab the 15-2 if pone leads a X.
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Sunday 8:26 AM
Good puzzle, 35 or 5J both suited. Like the cuts for 16 or more with 5JQK and 35 in the crib. 5J a top 5 throw but 35QK a maximum of 14, but you would need another 5 or the Jack of Spades.
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Sunday 9:17 AM
I would peg it defensively but take the 15 on a X card lead. Otherwise you would most likely have to lead it next time.
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Sunday 10:52 AM
I like the 5X in my crib as 1st dealer, and the extra defense for a line 5.
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Sunday 12:54 PM
I am the dealer? Right? Much tougher if I am pone. suited 3-5 to crib.
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Sunday 12:58 PM