November 7, 2018

*** This hand was suggested by DoctorWitty
77-72*  ?
Total votes: 158

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Wednesday 3:07 AM
Toss 2-8 is probably not much safer, so let's retain our maximum potential.
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Wednesday 3:30 AM
Hit or miss A-2. Eight lead. dec
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Wednesday 3:47 AM
Tossing A-2 leaves a little stronger hand to work with at this position.

This hand has more cuts for improvement than tossing A-3.
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Wednesday 3:54 AM
About as good a defensive throw as I can make. Lead the 3. The tables I use show A-2 and A-3 have the same expectation to opponents crib. Rosemarie has it right about this hold having more cuts for improvement.
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Wednesday 4:41 AM
A-2 from me too. The cut helps us both.
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Wednesday 5:03 AM
Another hedge.
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Wednesday 5:09 AM
For me, easy decision to toss A-2. Didn't ponder anything else.
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Wednesday 5:43 AM
Looks like I agree with most.
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Wednesday 6:30 AM
Definite defensive position, don't have a premier toss available. Would rather throw A2 than a combination with an 8. A2 slightly better than A3 according to DeLynn's table.
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Wednesday 6:47 AM
I briefly thought about tossing A3 to avoid the runners but I ended up voting with the majority. The 4 cut clearly helps even though I will still play a cautious defense and lead the 3.
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Wednesday 7:25 AM
I do the same a Dan and Gary, why don't I win as much as they do?
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Wednesday 8:12 AM
This is a cock-up on my part. My eye spotted the 5,2 first as making 15 with the 8. I didn't stare long enough to spot 5,3 works with the 7. Had I spotted it, of course I would have kept the 3 over the 2.
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Wednesday 9:23 AM
At most scores toss A-2 is probably best, a strong hand and a fairly safe discard. But with a relative position of +2/-9 on third street I'd tilt more towards defense.

Even if I cut a 9 and get 0 points in the pegging if I can hold dealer behind 86 I'll gain a superior position.

Barring crazy hands on either side we'll probably be playing defense all the way to the end.
Andy (muesli64)
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Wednesday 11:05 AM
A-2 preferred by quite a way.
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Wednesday 5:19 PM
The difference between A-2 A-3 is quite small. It is the proximity of the trey to the remaining 3 cards which should determine the discard here. The cut of the four demonstrates that very well as we now have 9o points with the 3-5-8-7. Had we retained 2-5-7-8, hand score would be four points. In crib, we are often rewarded for making a good decision. So it is this day. I'll play defense to keep opponent down-the board movement at a minimums. Lead the trey and take seemingly safe pegs. Had I been playing offense, would have led the 8.