April 12, 2018

*** This hand was suggested by Ras2829
56-56*  ?
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Joined: April 2008

Thursday 3:04 AM
I will go with the sixteen cuts to help without giving points to their crib. Ace clubs lead. dec
1119 votes

Joined: March 2016

Thursday 4:08 AM
Agree with dec tossing 3-T today and holding the two pairs. Hand has a three card eleven.
2044 votes

Joined: June 2013

Thursday 5:07 AM
9h lead.
2919 votes

Joined: April 2011

Thursday 6:26 AM
I hope to run my aces at the end of the count. Lead the nine of hearts.
2486 votes

Joined: October 2008

Thursday 6:31 AM
If we can coax another Four or Five Points as Pone here, we might be able to jump aboard the next train and shorten this game by a complete Deal Cycle. IF IF IF . . .

Therefore, even though Keep (A A 9 9) and Toss (3 T) is much more *defensive* ... and even though it would also definitely peg much better, I'm gonna go with Keep (A A 3 T) and Toss (9 9) today. So There.

After that colossally-awful 7 Card Cut, I'll lead the Trey; and who knows ... with any luck (call it 'divine intervention'), maybe the Dealer is holding (A 5 5 T) today, and so perhaps I'll maybe peg, oh, I dunno, around TEN HOLES (whuuuut?!)
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Joined: December 2017

Thursday 6:49 AM
Go big or go home!
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Joined: July 2016

Thursday 7:00 AM
Donít pay any attention to that JQT man behind the curtain. He obviously poured *way* too much bourbon on to his Cheerios. ; - ) This is a prime example of Double Run Hope-nosis imho.

See! Itís a good thing I didnít toss those 9ís over the board with that 7 on the deck. The (7-8) is Dealerís favourite discard. That may have been the game right there.

I see the Magic Eleven but unfortunately wonít be using it on an X-card response. Got to show Dealer the other 9 after leading my 9h, in order to play the Aces back to back.
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Joined: January 2018

Thursday 8:59 AM
I just can't even come close to accepting A,A,3,T as an option. Trade a pair of 9's for hope?
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Joined: June 2016

Thursday 10:24 AM
Why can't this impartial and randomized starter card program be more beneficial all of us CHOD bloggers? At least the 7 doesn't help the crib much either.

Let's lead alphabetically with the 9h (not that it really matters), and save the Aces for possible late pegging.
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Thursday 6:10 PM
It looks like most people have voted for the Two PAIRS today, so let's respond with a little ditty ... an ode to the Two PEARS:

Eating Your Pears

Let's keep our wares
And pull out a few chairs
For those who owe fares
Let's savor some pears.

Don't highlight your hairs
As to one who still shares
Go service your mares!
And then eat some pears.

I'm as yet unawares
Don't children love fairs?
So with little-to-no cares
Don't be putting on airs.

Just eat some more pears.

An old woman stares
While a young man wears
And yet nobody cares!
And still nobody dares!

To eat just a few pears.

Those lingerering lairs
From fancy-filled flairs
I've avoided your snares
With de-riguers.

I'll be eating your pears!

- j q t -

April 2018