February 9, 2018

*** This hand was suggested by jqt
109-104*  ?
Total votes: 153

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1080 votes

Joined: March 2016

Friday 4:05 AM
So many choices but holding 7 points to start . Tossing 3-J.
4340 votes

Joined: April 2008

Friday 4:08 AM
I am holding seven also. Wanted to keep The Jack for that extra point possibility. Leading the Jack here, offense. dec
Andy (muesli64)
1437 votes

Joined: August 2009

Friday 4:33 AM
Throw J-3 just.
3763 votes

Joined: March 2008

Friday 5:21 AM
I need 12 to go out. The 4-run gives me the best chance. Since the cut doesnt put me out, lead the 4 and muster points.
2566 votes

Joined: February 2011

Friday 5:34 AM
Held the nine as opposed to the Jack as a two cut will help this keep.
2884 votes

Joined: April 2011

Friday 5:50 AM
Iíll lead the jack and try to peg three holes. If not, my opponent isnít necessarily going out. I could live to peg another day.
2009 votes

Joined: June 2013

Friday 6:26 AM
I'm drawn to the trio of 4-5-6-? hands, rather than the flush.

With the 3, I start with six points and every cut will increase this further (46/46).

With the 9, I start with seven points and every cut except an 8 will increase this further (42/46).

With the Jack, I also start with seven points. Every cut bar a 2 or 8 will increase this further (38/46), however I score a "bonus" point if the cut is a diamond (9/46), which I reckon more than makes up for the fewer number of "traditionally" helpful cuts.

9-3 to my opponent is only one card away from improving from 0 to 4 points. Other such discards include A-7 (which I voted to discard yesterday), 4-7 and 6-3. I wonder how dangerous these tend to be on average, with their "boom or bust" nature? I'd certainly try to avoid discarding 4-5, 4-6, 5-6, 6-7, 6-8 or 8-9 which are all just one card away from leaping to five points. Am I being too cavalier choosing those that may become four without fear?
1147 votes

Joined: March 2009

Friday 6:55 AM
Intriguing puzzle from our esteemed Canadian. 3456 improves on any cut but a number of them only takes the total to 8 points. 456J can peg well by leading the Jack as suggested by Gary. A savvy opponent will try to stay away, but if they play a 6 on the Jack lead we get an immediate 2 points.
1080 votes

Joined: November 2014

Friday 8:09 AM
I need to go out. Kept the 3456 as I think it has the most cuts to get me out (333444555666 or 12/46 to win without pegging). Hope I did the math right this time.
225 votes

Joined: January 2018

Friday 8:54 AM
I had this hand last night, though w/o the flush option. Anyway, this is what seems right to me. I'd rather battle with the 9 in my hand, but kept the J for potential extra point.
607 votes

Joined: June 2016

Friday 9:09 AM
Every card in the deck with the exception of the non-diamond 8's will help this hand. Let's see how this plays out. I can use the Jack as an escape card if necessary. lead the 3.
723 votes

Joined: July 2016

Friday 1:12 PM
Iím with JR. Lead the 3.
3246 votes

Joined: November 2008

Friday 2:23 PM
Will retain the 7 points with the Jack needing 12 points for win on this deal. Most other places on board would have retained 4-5-6-9. Might get an extra point for that Jack which could be important. Might even get another shot at the win if don't get out as dealer needs 17 to win on this deal. Knowing that I have 9 points after the cut will lead the Jack and take pegs as offered.
298 votes

Joined: May 2016

Friday 5:40 PM
I lead the 3 here. An excellent player will play a 6 here or even an 8. But what do I know....