January 13, 2018

*** This hand was suggested by jqt
106-103*  ?
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Joined: March 2016

Saturday 3:18 AM
We can toss A-9 or A-A to dealer. the lowest two cards are the A-9 (4.34 points). Allowing the dealer one point, the odds of the dealer scoring 17 more points is 2-1. The odds of non-dealer scoring 15 points is 7-1. With the starter card we now have 7 points. As non dealer we average 2 points in the pegging and are now up to 9 points.
Now what?
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Joined: June 2013

Saturday 3:33 AM
Hope to cut a 4,5 or Jack.

I'll lead a Jack to give me an option with my 2nd card, and I choose the Jack of clubs to match my Ace.
BigFoot Bob
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Joined: April 2016

Saturday 4:05 AM
Looking for a cut of 4-5 or J. with dealer counting first next round. . . . .this is a position is difficult. Swinging for the bleachers.
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Saturday 4:43 AM
The good news might be its still a face card cut our opponent might not travel far. Going for a 10-5 or another Jack seems risky even with a game hole chance. Jack of clubs lead. dec
Andy (muesli64)
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Saturday 4:49 AM
As above but JQT must be looking for the A-A throw? But I think not that desperate - dealer will not get out this deal more often than not.
cribbage in the counties
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Saturday 6:04 AM
4 10s available to give you 8 points

4 4s available to give you 12

Need 15 for the win before pone gets 3 takes.

I go for the win
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Saturday 9:43 AM
I think whatís important here is not to lose sight of the fact that while *only* the 9-J-J-J(A-A) allows us to go out *this* hand; it has only 3 cuts, (4s,4c,4h) that put us within 2 holes. And 2 pegging holes is our average. The safer A-J-J-J(A-9) gives us 6 cuts, (4s,4c,4h,5s,5c,5h) that do the same. Not that it will be easy to peg the average number of holes with either of these keeps. Perhaps thatís why some chose to keep A-A-J-J. But Iíd rather start with 6 today. My chances of winning are lower but my chances of not losing are much better this way. Having 100% more cuts that put me at hole 119 give me almost as much chance of going out without tossing the risky (A-A). That small pair could easily put the Dealer out with his crib showing. Leading my Jc, with the Ac likely to be my next card.
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Saturday 12:25 PM
JJJ and what else? Do I feel like a 4,5 or 10 will be cut? I kept the ace just incase I need a 31 for 2.

Queen doesnt help. Lead the Jack. Smile politely.
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Saturday 12:45 PM
Q cut ? Time to slam my cards down swoosh the crib board off the table and storm out of the room!
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Saturday 4:44 PM
The chances of turning a 10-10-10-10 (4) and know that we are out with first count is 1/11.5. Chances of dealer scoring 18 is 1/3. So think it wise to look at getting close as by holding A-J-J-J we have 4-4-4-4 (4), 5-5-5-5 (4), and that remaining Jack (1) which will give us 12 or 13 points without regards to any pegs gained. Very difficult to expect to peg with these cards as we have little variety. After seeing the starter card and knowing that total score of hand is 7 points, do as Inushtuk1 suggests. Can't really play defense now; so take any pegs offered.